The Tips For A Better Home Security

Installing a home security system is often the number one priority to improving the overall security of your home, and you are definitely right to think you need one. However, there are quite a few residences that have been burglarized despite the presence of a security system. What exactly, or where exactly, have they gone wrong? More often than not, the answer lies in some very basic mistakes that compromise the overall security promised by the security system. Here are some basic tips and tricks to ensure that your security system can do its job:

  • Lock your doors and windows when going out – this might seem like an extremely obvious statement, but you would not believe the number of people who forget to do this simply because they have the latest A security system cannot take care of the manual procedures such as locking up (unless you have auto-lock features, but even then, it is often limited to doors). Always make sure to lock up properly if you go out and there is no one at home – whether you leave for a few minutes or a few hours does not matter.
  • Conceal the wiring – any reputable company dabbling in home security solutions will never make this basic mistake, but it is always better to ask and check than to end up in trouble later on. Whether you have an Inner Range access biometric access control system or another surveillance system, there is no difference in the fact that they both depend on electricity to function, and thereby have electrical wirings. What would happen if the wiring was in openly visible place and the burglar simply cut the wirings? There would simply be no point to having your security system. Therefore, make an effort to conceal your wiring at all times.
  • Make your house look ‘lived in’ at all times – in the old days (or even in houses that do not yet have security systems), the easiest way to deter burglaries was to keep on a few lights inside the house to give off the feeling that there were residents in the home. The modern security systems can do much better than this – by being connected to the electrical wirings of the entire home, they can easily turn on and turn off lights, television and other appliances to truly make it seem like someone is in the house. This kind of small gimmicks can go a long way towards preventing burglaries.
  • Fix faulty alarms – procrastination can be your biggest enemy when it comes to home security. It can be the fire alarm or the security alarm – they are somehow faulty and frequently go off. In such a situation it is best to quickly fix your alarms and to let others know that you have fixed it: there is nothing more ignored than a faulty alarm that gives out fake