Every bride wants her special occasion to be a success. She wants to share her big day, the day in which she is legally bound to the love of her life, with the people closest to her heart. But a perfect wedding requires the correct kind of organizing. And even though getting a professional to handle all the organizing can sound less frustrating, it’s not always an option for everyone. If you are going to be organizing for the very first time, we know this task can be daunting. And because we understand, our experts have put together three major tips on organizing a successful wedding. Read ahead to find them.

Know what to prioritize and make these decisions first
Organizing a wedding can be chaotic if you try to start at the middle, and work with whatever is easiest. Instead, have a plan. There are many wedding planning time tables and checklists available online for free now-a-days; make use of them. Pay your initial attention to the guest list, location and the theme of the wedding. They are the kind of decisions that will start a chain of things happening. The guest list will help you decide a lot of things; including the size of the venue you need. In the same way, deciding on the venue of the function helps you get a start on the invitations (which needs to be sent out in advance), the themes that will suit it, and even the wedding reception decoration ideas. And the theme, will help you start on the rest of the organizing.

Keep things simple
Let’s be realistic; even though you might be good at organizing things, you are still not going to be as good as a professional wedding guest book. So, make things easier on yourself and keep it simple. From the food to the wedding centerpiece¸ only take on what you can manage. DIYing can save you a lot of money in things like door gifts and decorating; but if you are organizing the wedding, you are not going to have a lot of free time in your hands. Decide what you do best; and do that the simple way.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help
Planning and organizing an event like this is definitely going to be overwhelming. If at any moment, you feel like things are going over your head, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Use the help of professionals when possible, and ask for the help of your friends and family. Divide the tasks so that you don’t bear the whole weight. Remember that it’s your wedding; you’re going to be facing emotional challenges as well. If you’re afraid that the overwhelming stress will alienate your friends, warn them ahead of time. We promise they’ll understand…