No doubt, we all love bringing out our inner divas. Dramatic makeup, clothes that make us feel regal and “princess-y”, hair that look elegant and creative are not only fun to try out, it’s also quite fun to wear. And there’s always an occasion for it.However, there are times when looking the diva can be disadvantages. For moments like that, subtleness and the natural look plays out a lot better. If you have such an occasion at hand, and are looking for tips to create the perfect “natural beauty” look and outfit, then here are our experts’ tips and suggestions.

How you do your makeupIt’s important that you put an effort here, as in the end, this will make or break your “casual look”. It’s important to know that when it comes to makeup, minimum and little are different. With the words minimum, people usually imply that the makeup shows just a little. So, natural colors, natural styles (eyeliner) and the “no-makeup makeup” trick works best here. Do a little research online to find tutorials to suit your skin and occasion.

The part of the makeup most people forgetAnd this is, in most people’s case; their nails. You can, of course opt for the manicure for your nails. But if you are feeling a little adventurous, then we suggest that you buy gel nail polish in natural colors and tones, and have a little fun with it. Anything that is not too glittery should work here. Remember to keep the shape of your nails casual too with opi nail polish…!

What you plan on wearing What you wear can be just a tad more important to your look, than the color of your nails (though the OPI nail polish colors are so cute and casual!). If it’s a day occasion/function, opt for pastel colors. These colors have a lovely way about them that instantly make you look naturally pretty. Choose nail supplies in Brisbane with color that brings out the color of your skin, or highlights it naturally. And again, don’t forget that the shape (or in this case, the cut or design) makes a huge difference.

And finally, your hairApart from all of the above, your hair too can complement your outfit, and help you achieve that look of a natural beauty. Go for a light and “airy” hairstyle. Make sure that it looks elegant, yet effortless. There are many elegant braids and updos that can help you frame your face, or lay loose, giving you an innocent look. Do a little research online to find the perfect hairstyle that will complement both your makeup, and your dress